Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RIZZOLI & ISLES ~ TNT ~ Mondays at 10

This episode featured a couple of story lines.  The beginning was a man and
his adult son that were shot and beaten after leaving a restaurant.  The older
man died and his son was in critical condition.  It appeared to be a random
robbery gone bad (that's what gives us cop shows) but things aren't always
what they appear to be.

The second story line features Maura Isles and an old flame of hers that
shows up out of the blue.  He is a doctor and does work in poverty
stricken countries.  How come every accomplished woman on TV has
one of these men, they never seem to just take up with an insurance
salesman or everyday guy.  Rizzoli and her mom are suspicious and
her mom snoops around and finds that he has three passports and is
wanted for questioning by Interpol.  Again, not your everyday guy.

More people die and it is finally discovered that the son who was
beaten was smuggling heroin into the country.   Not much new about
that but it was clever in how they did it, they used liquid heroin and
soaked packing blankets in the truck.  When they arrived in this
country the herion would be processed back into dry form.  A rat
in the container ate the heroin and died and that was how it was
discovered.  I haven't seen that used before.

The son was arrested, his kidnapped son and wife were found
and Isles loverboy left the country with boxes of drugs for people
in Africa.  Isles did cry which I haven't seen before either -
pretty good episode but Rizzoli's mom needs to get a life.

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