Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway

Another week - another terrific episode.  This was the "unconventional challenge".
The competitors were taken to a pet store and were to create an outfit from
the store items.  They had $300 and one day to complete the challenge.  The
judges were looking for original designs not just re-done dresses from dog
It is always amazing to see what these talented people can do, the vision
they see from these unusual objects.  The materials are unstable so that
becomes a factor in the final design too.
As is common in the beginning episodes of this show, the best is pretty
good and the worst is beyond bad.  One contestant had to agree how
awful her dress was - she couldn't see any good qualities in it!!
The show is now an hour and a half so we get to see all of the drama
as they create.  The group seems very friendly and supportive but
it usually changes as the group gets smaller.
Oliver won, he had a lovely top and skirt made with hamster bedding,
Josh is out - he did two terrible outfits in a row, we knew he was
doomed.  Bert was disappointing, he had immunity and just threw
together something - poor judgement on his part.

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