Monday, August 15, 2011


It's Sunday night and it's time for another terrific episode of Breaking Bad.
Jesse spends the day with Mike picking up money in remote areas where
it has been hidden.  Jesse fights off some bad guys and he is a hero which
is what Gus wanted him to do.  He now feels he is an important part of
the operation and I think he realized that he wants to live after he thought
Mike was taking him to the desert to kill him.  Kind of a "scared straight"
The car wash now belongs to the White family and Walt and Skyler are
pretty much back together.  Skyler invited Walt to move back in but you
can see he has reservations, not sure where that is going.  She likes to have
her way, so tread lightly Walt.
Walt seems to spend more and more time angry and frustrated.  Hank is
getting out of his funk and thinks he still may be able to find that Heiserman
guy.  Seemed to be a lot of loose ends this week, anxious to see where
they take us.

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