Sunday, August 7, 2011


There was nothing good on last night, so I watched a DVR I had from last
Wednesday night.  The show is called Necessary Roughness on USA channel.
The story line is about Dani who is newly separated from her cheating husband
and has gone back to work as a therapist.   Her clients are high profile athletes
with various issues to be resolved.  She has TK, a pro football player, as a
regular patient and then another patient each week. 
This week, TK suspected that he had a son from a one-night stand but in
true TV fashion, it wasn't true and he was off the hook.  He wasn't sure if
that was a good thing or not.  Dani counseled him for about a minute and
a half to help him through it and all was well - whew, close call!!
The other story was a professional skateboarder that was having
nightmares and paranoia.  He was bi-polar.  It took her most of
the show to figure out what most of us knew at the beginning. 
You can probably tell that I am not a fan of this show.  It has a
very attractive cast but no warmth, original storyline, or snappy
dialogue to make it worth the time to watch.  It's now off my DVR
schedule.  How about yours?

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