Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Runway

Ahhh - Project Runway has returned!!!  There was a show on the auditions and the selection
process which was pretty interesting.  The former finalists were judges and it made it seem
pretty impartial.  Twenty were chosen and they all came to New York but only sixteen made
the final cut.  I was sorry to see Serena go but sometimes they make a comeback, you
never know.
 I'm waiting for a lot of drama between Laura (refers to herself as "a pretty girl")
and Anya who was Miss Trinidad - I can already imagine the sparks that will fly there.
The challenge was to use their sleeping attire and their bed sheet to create an outfit.  The
results of the first show are always pretty clumsy and it's fun to see how far the designers
come in the weeks ahead.  Rafael lost and had to go home. It was the right choice, his
design was DREADFUL and Bert won.  You can't help but root for Bert, he's 57 and
a recovering alcoholic and just as nervous and unsure of himself as the young contestants.
Ready for a season full of surprises!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Rich Texas

Watched one of my recorded shows called "Big Rich Texas" on Style
Channel and it is almost as dreadful as it sounds.  It's about mothers
and their daughters (and one godchild).  They all have lots of hair and
I often think that if you were a drain cleaner in these reality show communities, it
could be very lucrative.  The amount of hair-flipping is surpassed only
by the eye-rolling.   They prepare for a beauty pageant and the name of
the winner is saved for last - what a shock when ALL the competitors
win crowns, some are just taller.  It was a lot of work to watch the entire
episode and I am now deleting it from my scheduled show list.  Let me
know if it gets any better.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

on TV

Last week was the opening season for Breaking Bad.  It wasn't kidding when it said there would
be "intense violence"!!  Gus looks like he's been working out A LOT, Jesse hasn't ate in six months
and Hank just wishes he was dead.