Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking Bad - Bullet Points

This is the fourth episode of my favorite show.  It seemed to have moved a little
slow this season but perhaps it was because I was so anxious for it to return.
This episode, however, did put me on the edge of my seat.
You assume that the name of the episode "Bullet Points" applies to the shoot
up of Gus's truck in the opening scene but instead it is an elaborate story
that Skyler has created to explain the purchase of the car wash - the story
has a number of bullet points.  When the White family goes to Hank and
Marie's for dinner and to tell their story, Walt realizes that Hank is investigating
the murder of Gale and still trying to catch Heisenberg.  The acting is
so subtle and nuanced that you really don't know what Hank believes
or if he knows the whole story and is going to let Walt stew in his own
Jesse is now officially out of control and is last seen riding into the desert
with Mike and is too messed up to even care what happens to him now
but Walt is furious and realizes how very little control he has over his
or anyone else's life much like the meth addicts that he feeds.  Can't
wait until next week!!

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