Sunday, August 14, 2011


I was pleasantly surprised by this show.  It looked a little too overacted in the
previews but it is well acted and has several ongoing stories in it.  It stars
Rachael Capana, Kathy Baker and Treat Williams.  Rachael plays Abby
who has just made detective but the only opening is in Internal Affairs and
her goal is homicide so she takes the job as a stepping stone.  She has
three brothers and a father who are all police officers and Internal Affairs
is the enemy.  She is good at her job and takes her stress out by having
sex with one brother's partner.  Meanwhile, her family is not happy with
her decision, her father isn't speaking to her, her mother isn't speaking
to her father and on and on.  Not an especially creative storyline but
as I said, it is well acted.  The setting is Chicago and there are lots
of big city skyline shots, some sad music and heavy sighing (both
in and out of the sex scenes).  I will watch again, it caught my interest. 

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