Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two and A Half Men - CBS ~ Monday at 9:00

This episode was called "Looking for Japanese Subs".  Charlie is sad
because his stalker Rose has gotten married.  Of course, we know that
she faked it all with a large dummy in a bad wig but Charlie is in love
with her because he can't have her.  It should be a stupid sit-com but
I still laugh out loud at it when I watch it.  I wonder what will happen
to the Rose character in the new season with Charlie gone.  Anyway -
Charlie professes his love for her and they spend time in bed
together.  It was a bit of a cliffhanger because it ended with Charlie
still thinking she was married to a human.
The other story was Jake and his pal trying out stupid stunts to post
on You-Tube.  They would seem far-fetched if I hadn't watched a
video of a co-worker setting cans of paint on fire in his back yard -
he would light, run, and laugh.  I'm sure a lot of alcohol was involved
with his video, however.  So Jake did some crazy stunts that never
worked out and Alan just gave up.  I may be entertained by this
show because it makes my home and family seem sane - hmmmmm.

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