Thursday, September 1, 2011


How can a network give us a dreadful show like "Shark Tank" and an
incredible, wonderful show like "Modern Family".  I'm ready for some
new episodes of this crisp, fast-paced comedy.  It deserves all of the
awards it has been given.  But until mid-September we will have to
make due with re-runs which are so funny, who cares??

Claire and Phil had a fight, a doozy with a fire extinguisher, ripped
off microwave door and frozen vegetables everywhere.  Phil doesn't
know what he did wrong and spends most of episode trying to
figure it out in true Phil fashion.  His comedy timing is terrific and
he takes the clueless, doofus just far enough to not seem stupid.
Mitchell forgets to mail invitations for Cameron and his party is
destined to be a flop.  Cameron is hilarious with his earpiece
barking out orders to little Luke even though he is standing
right beside him.  Mitchell saves the day and Phil saves himself
and Gloria sends back her karaoke machine when her son
finally tells her how awful she is.  I did have to look up "wedge
salad" and it looks pretty good.  Claire was mad because
Phil tried one after his friend suggested it and she had suggested
it for years.  Those who have been married for awhile or have
children will understand and agree how frustrating it can be.

Mid-September can't come soon enough, until then there is
another episode on right now.

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