Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two and A Half Men - CBS ~ Monday at 9:00

Last night's show was a re-run as is usual for summer on Network TV.  But my choices
were to write about this show or Shark Tank which I see was first shown in 2009.  It's
slim pickens for sure.
Anyway, this episode was funny with lots of mis-communication, not too much new with
that, but funny anyway.  Alan is newly dating Lindsey and is worried that Charlie will
take her away as he has with past girlfriends.  There is one girl's name that keeps
coming up - Alan was happy to get to second base with her only to find out many
others had gone everywhere else with her.  Lindsey is having a house-warming party
(apparently Alan set a fire there and it has been re-done) and because she wants
to invite Charlie, Alan won't attend.  He does, however, stalk the party from outside
the window only to have a skunk spray him.  As he hoses off at his ex-wife's house,
her current husband tries to help Alan with V-8 juice and ketchup.  When asked why
he wasn't at the party he replied "Well I wanted to but Judith came down with a migraine
and by migraine I mean bitch fit." (Best line of the night).  Alan goes back to confront
Lindsey only to find out that Charlie has left earlier with two women.  By now he
is reeking of "Skunk, Dog Crap and Ketchup" also the name of episode.  Lindsey
locks him out of the house but we all know that she remains in his life.  Pretty funny
but still looking forward to the show next month with Ashton Kutcher which will
change all the dynamics of the show but I'm confident the terrific writers will
make it work.

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