Monday, October 10, 2011


I thought I would watch this show to see some fluff and maybe have
a laugh or two.  I find myself completely engaged in it and would be
a bit embarassed by that if all my friends were not engaged in it too!

Emily VanCamp stars and I remember her from years ago on Everwood
and she was pretty one dimensional but has matured into this role.
She is a young woman whose father was wrongly imprisoned when
she was a child and she was in foster care until she was 18 and by
then her father had died. (or so she is told).  When she leaves the
care facility, a young man is there to tell her about her father and
to give her some things he left for her.  Nolan also informs her that
her father invested in his business which made a fortune and she
now has all the means necessary to invoke her revenge on those
who wronged her and her dad.

She moves to the old house that she lived in as a child and her
revenge begins.  One by one, she takes them down in pretty
inventive ways and gets lot of help from computer genius Nolan.
Everyone else doesn't know who she is and it is a cat and mouse
game each week.

There are beautiful parties, beautiful people, fancy clothes ~ it
is a lot like we live.  I still find myself curious enough to continue
watching, it's like Dallas and Dynasty and the Kardashians all rolled
into one.

Victoria and Conrad Grayson are the biggest enemies to her and she
seems to be saving them for last. Throw in a couple of love interests
and you can see that young Emily is busy, busy, busy.

She's taken down three people so far, what will this week bring?????

Friday, October 7, 2011

PROJECT RUNWAY - Lifetime Channel ~ Thursday night

Six designers are left and now it gets very, very interesting.  They
are all talented to have gotten this far and one bad design and it's
"out" for them.  But they are now tired and losing inspiration
quickly. This week's challenge was to draw inspiration from
three birds that they had, a raven, a parrot and a cockatiel.
Everyone was paired up but the challenge was to compete
against their partner.  Each pair had a losing and a winning
look.  That certainly changed the dynamics of the outcome.
But the winner would have a spread in Marie Claire magazine
as well as winning $20,000.00 from Loreal Cosmetics.  That
is a lot of incentive!!

They were give two days and $300.00.  At this point you
can see that they all work hard and have great ideas so
it's routine to watch them work on the garmets.  Kimberly
burned her dress with a glue gun and cried in the bathroom
but that was the extent of the drama this week.  Everyone
seemed to enjoy Bert now and treat him with respect which
is nice to see.  Later in the day Tim came in and announced
a small twist - another look inspired by the bird was to be
made - another $300.00 and another trip to Mood.  They
moaned, they groaned and sewed and sewed.  Tim then
announced (after having them drop their scissors) that
only one look would be used and to use the rest of the
time on that one design.

The runway show was a success and it was hard to have
to choose a winning and losing look from the three pairs
but the judges did it.  Lots of pointers for the designers
who should know exactly what is expected from them by
now but sometimes forget.  Anyway, Bert was out but
seemed sincerely grateful to have gotten this far.  Anya
won the challenge and Joshua had a small bitch fit and
whispered about how her model had to be cut out of
her dress.  Those two may have a big fight before this
season is over.  We're down to five and only three get
to go to fashion week - who will it be???????????????