Monday, August 22, 2011


Last night on TV was another episode of Breaking Bad.  It seemed like the quiet episode.
There wasn't a lot of music, just a lot of close, intimate dialogue between Jesse, Mike,
Walt and Skyler.  You can feel the tension building up and what long, long days these
characters all have.  The cartel executes another revenge hit on Gus's truck, more lives
lost and Mike and Jesse are to go retrive the meth that was stole.  Jesse's own addiction
serves him well with this job but he has crossed the line now and seems to have no
problem holding a gun to another human being.  He seems to be detoxing, but it's a
difficult trade.

Skyler disappears for awhile with the baby only to realize that this is her destiny, like
it or not.  It's hard to tell if she likes it or not.  Walt is paranoid with the cameras
knowing that Gus is watching his every move.  It's quite a chess game that they
have going on.  Gus watches, Walt works, Jesse is taken away by Mike, Walt
gets some of the women from the factory to clean, Gus has them deported.  Your
move Walt.

Everything is building - Walt bought a flashy car for Junior and Skyler wants is
returned.  They are in a lot of ways like every suburban family.  Makes me wonder
about my neighbors.

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