Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is the second season for this police drama on Monday night, TNT Channel.
Jane Rizzoli is a Boston police detective and Maura Isles is the medical examiner.
Jane is from a tight-knit family, Maura comes from money but gives back by
helping the crime victims.  There is more interaction on a personal level this
year and it adds a lot to the show.  They both have more warmth and depth
then just solving cases with a lot of technical dialogue.  They are attractive
and not botoxed to where you can't tell if they are distressed or laughing
(Sela Ward in CSI:NY).
This week's story was about a semi-pro baseball team and the murder of
a sober coach (?) and the star player on the team.  There are twists and
turns but it stays interesting until the end.  You have divorcing team owners
and feuding team mates to add to the suspects.  Rizzoli's brother is just out of
prison and that adds more drama to the story line.
I like the show and like the way the characters are developing.  I hope it
continues but you never know with cable channel shows ~ they come and
they go.

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