Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alphas - Syfy Channel

This is another show I have never watched before, it was recommended to me and
it is terrific.  It's a fast-moving action show.  This was encore performance that was
originally aired on Monday, 8-1.  This show is on Monday nights at 10 pm and it's
now a part of my DVR settings.
The plot is that five ordinary people have extraordinary abilities, some physical and
some mental.  They are led by Dr. Rosen, who is not an alpha (only a genius).
Because Dr. Rosen has assembled this team, they don't always like each other
and have to really work on being a team  - I guess they are pretty human after
all!  These are good Alphas and they fight against the bad Alphas.  This episode
was about catching bad Alphas that were going to blow up a pharmaceutical
plant that was creating a new drug to prevent birth defects and it was felt
that would stop the creation of future Alphas.  It also had some personal
themes where a teenage boy Alpha meets a teenage girl Alpha and finally has
someone like him to talk to.  It added some warmth to the show.  I
liked it and would recommend it and may watch some more episodes
online at the Syfy Channel website.

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