Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Runway

Thursday night has rolled around again and it's time for Project Runway.  This
week is the first time in the history of Project Runway that there has been an
outdoor runway with the public and press invited.  It takes place in Battery
Park in New York City and the other twist is that all of the models are
walking on stilts -  I have no idea how they learned to walk a runway on
stilts but they did it very well. The challenge was with teams of two (always
good for drama and tears) and they had one day to complete the outfit.
They were warned not to make it look like a circus and off to Mode they
Bert and Viktor bickered a lot, I think they will both be eliminated pretty
soon.  Bryce and Fallene had their work cut out for them, both have been
in the bottom each week and this week was no different.  Bryce isn't that
creative and Fallene relied on her artistic sense but lacks basic sewing
skills.  I'm not sure how either one of them made it to this show.
It was exciting to see the competitors respond to a live audience, there
were quite a few people there that were taking photos and lots of
noise, it looked like a good time.
Kim Kardashian was the guest judge - can't say too much sarcastic
about that since I have been known to indulge in watching her show.
There was a variety of outfits, again this early in the show you have
really bad and really good.  It gets more cohesive as the better
designers stay on the show.  Laura and Anthony won the challenge
but only Laura got immunity for next week which Anthony was
gracious to give her all the credit for the design.  Fallene was the
loser and was sent home, she cried a lot, I guess I would too.
It was a pretty good episode and I'm still in awe of walking a
runway on stilts.

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