Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This season of Flipping Out on Bravo is the best yet.  The new guy is Gage,
Jeff's current boyfriend and is a great addition to the cast of characters.
He adds a lot of sanity to the show, is well-organized and professional.
Lots of drama on last night's show - there is a mean client who doesn't
like Jenni but Jenni will work hard to change that.  There is a new intern
and Zoila is home after her cosmetic surgery.  (She looks great!)

The ending was sad as Sarah was fired for making too many mistakes
and will look for something she is better suited at.  Last week she
did a dance on the stripper pole in the limo in Vegas and was very,
very good, but I think she is too sweet to pursue that career.  Sarah
took it very well and it was nice to watch Zoila comfort Jeff and for
Gage to have walked Sarah to her car - it had a real family vibe about it.

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