Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rocco's Dinner Party - Bravo Channel ~ Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

I had to look up on the Bravo website to find out who Rocco DiSpirito is.  I know that
he is good-looking, has a great apartment and what else?  He is an award winning chef
and cookbook author and this show is pretty interesting.  It begins with three chefs and
they cook for Rocco and one chef is eliminated.  In this case, all three were equal and
they competed a second time in a five-minute cookoff .  Tony was eliminated and we
were left with Lucia, an opera singer who loves to cook and Frank, a self-taught
caterer from New York.  They had to choose a room for dinner and explain to
a designer(Jes Gordon) how to decorate the room.  Then they decide who will
go first and what they will cook.  They had a budget of $500.00 and off to the
store they went.  This show is an hour and a half and you need that much time
to watch them cook and serve.  Just before the Lucia was to serve, Rocco came
in to announce that there were vegetarian guests and a guest that was eating
Kosher and she had to quickly re-arrange their meals. 
The decorator did a great job interpreting the chef's vision and each room was
beautiful.  The meals were great and the guests did have negative comments
on each chef's choices.
It was Liza Minnelli's birthday with other celebrity guests and it was fun to see
them in this casual, friendly setting.  Liza was very lively, told some great stories
and you felt you were a guest too.
Frank was the winner but not by much.  He won $20,000.00 and got to drink
a toast with the guests as Lucia packed her knives.  Pretty good show, I'll
watch again if only to see the chefs criticize the opponents food and then it
turns out to be a great dish that Rocco loves.
the guests and Rocco love it.

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