Monday, August 29, 2011

BREAKING BAD - Problem Dog

Each episode gets darker and darker - I was really mad when it ended this
week.  So much happened!!  After 14 minutes of this show I wanted to
cry for how Jesse, Walt and Skyler have been changed by one rash, illegal
choice that Walt made one day that seems like ages ago. 

Jesse is ready to kill Gus, "first chance he gets" Skyler is super
 businesswoman and Walt is doing donuts in a parking lot until
 he sets the car on fire and Better Call Saul has to bail him out.
 This is just one morning in their lives.

Jesse gets to be a thug for Gus when Gus meets with the Cartel
or rather one member of the Cartel, which seemed pretty insulting.
Walt has given Jesse some poison to give to Gus but Jesse is
quite conflicted on where his loyalty lies.  He thinks that Gus
sees something in him but Gus's exact words were "I see
things in people".  We always hear what we want to hear.
Jesse goes to a NA meeting where he talks about killing
a Problem Dog which is code for Gale.  When no one will
understand why he killed an innocent, healthy dog he admits
that he joined the group to sell them meth.  I had forgotten
about that.

Hank is great - thriving, in fact.  He takes Walt Jr. to the
chicken restaurant and schmoozes Gus.  His "aw shucks"
attitude is terrific, you never quite know if it is real or not.
He gets a fingerprint from Gus and matches it to a print
from Gale's apartment.  The last scene is Hank telling his
story to his captain and partner - he's so close to Heisenberg
you can feel the heart beating faster.

Jesse was told by Mike to keep his "eyes open & mouth shut"
which is exactly what I did for this addictive hour of TV.

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