Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm trying to watch some shows for the first time and this was one of them.
It's called Storage Wars on A&E channel.  These episodes were set in
California, Mission Hills and Costa Mesa.  The units are unlocked and
everyone has five minutes to look at the contents.  They can't open any
boxes or go inside the unit.  Then there is an auctioneer that runs the
bidding.  After someone has won the bid, they go into the unit and
hope for a gold mine. Lots of junk in these storage units and some-
times there are rare finds.  If they find anything of interest, they go
to an expert to find the worth.  It's similiar to Antique Roadshow -
everyone wants to pay $100 for something worth $100 million.
They have the same bidders each time and at the end it lets you
know how much money they made or lost.  Dave made $21,000
by taking a chance on a unit full of boxes from China.  I'm not
a gambler but I can see the rush they would get from doing
this for a living.  Will watch again.

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