Sunday, August 28, 2011

HOT IN CLEVELAND ~ TV Land ~ Wednesday at 9:00

This season for Hot in Cleveland is almost over and that's too bad because
it is a witty, fast-talking show that I enjoy a lot.  The general story line is
that three close LA friends were flying to Paris and had to make an
emergency stop in Cleveland.  Once there, life was so much better
for them that they decided to stay.  Maybe it's because I am from the
Midwest too that it appeals to me.  Our backwardness is exaggerated
but funny.  This show stars some great female comedy talent -
Wendie Malick from "Just Shoot Me", Jane Leeves from "Frasier"
Valerie Bertinelli from "One Day at a Time" and Eddie VanHalen.
The real star is Betty White from just about everything these days.
She's an 80 year old widow going on about 19, mouthy and hip at
the same time.

This week Betty White's character Elka is getting married and wants
a simple wedding.  Of course, a few bridal magazines later she is
over the top.  The episode is call Bridezelka and is very funny if
you are a fan of Bridezilla and other such shows.  She is so emotional
that eventually the groom throws in the towel.  All ends well with
the ladies all getting a lesson in how things can keep building and
building out of control.  Not an especially new plot line but their
fast-paced insults are very, very funny.  Next week is the season
finale with the wedding taking place, sorry to see it go.  Not sure
if it has been renewed for a fourth season but I sure hope so.

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