Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buried Treasure ~ FOX Network ~ Wednesdays at 8pm

This was the series premiere for this show.  It features the Keno twins, Leslie and Leigh,
expert appraisers from The Antique Roadshow.  They are going into family homes and
finding objects that the homeowners hope are worth a fortune.  They went to 3 residences
in the New York city area to see what they could find.  The first home belonged to Liz who
was a hoarder but had some amazing things.  At the end, they had a pre-sale value of about
$119,000 for only 4 items.  She and her daughter were very happy with the outcome and
you had to hope that it was start for Liz to clean up her home.  Next was a man and his
wife that collected comic books.  He was taken to a high-end comic collectors office where
he was in heaven but for what he had he didn't get what he thought they were worth.  Some-
one had taken ink and tried an "amateur restoration" which sunk the value.  He ended up
with a fair amount of money but not what they wanted.  Third home was family who had
a violin that belonged to the homeowner's deceased father.  An appraiser and
violinist were there to authenticate it.  It turned out that it was not an original but it was
bittersweet because he could keep it as a keepsake from his father. 

As one woman pointed out, the Kane brothers are the rock stars of the antique world.
They are attractive, well-dressed and friendly to everyone.  It was fun to watch but way,
way too many dramatic pauses.  If you didn't have a fast forward button on your DVR
it would be easy to lose interest and turn it off.

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