Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Combat Hospital - ABC, Tuesday 10 p.m.

This is another show that I have never watched so I went to the ABC website to see what it
was all about.  It's about military doctors and nurses set in Southern Afghanistan (modern
day M*A*S*H* perhaps?).  It's modeled after a real Canadian-lead NATO Role 3
Hospital which is the highest level of care available in Kandahar.
The show begins with surgery and the ever-present arrogant, genius, surgeon.
He has a heart of steel which will melt before this episode is over.  The rest
of the cast is very attractive and very professional and competent.  There is
a record going for how many days without a casualty and one doctor, Bobby,
is accused of trying to keep that record by understating the injuries of a burn
victim.  The staff takes sides on his decision and there is lots of the usual
work-place drama we have all encountered.  The burn patient does pass
away but her daughter lives - this is what melts the heart of Dr. Know-it-all.
There is a small boy who appears with minor injuries and becomes the shadow
of one of the doctors and is still there when the show is over as they are
searching for his family and he won't speak to anyone. 
There is a little personal time between the staff and one Private has a personal
challenge that he overcomes just by observing what stress and life and death
decisions these soldiers have to make each and every day.
I liked the show, will watch again, would recommend that you watch it too.

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