Friday, August 26, 2011

PROJECT RUNWAY ~ Thursday on Lifetime at 9:00 p.m.

Ahhhh - my favorite show of the week (and not just because there is
nothing else worth watching).  Our competitors woke up to new outfits
of workout gear and had to go to the New Balance track to meet Tim
and Heidi.  They were then told that the challenge for this week was a
team of three challenge which is always fun because they have gang-ups
within the teams.  They all had to race around the track once and the
first four across the line became team leaders.  This is different and
interesting.  The first four were all men and got to pick their teams.
In the meantime, Cecilia quit the competition and the team with only
two members was able to choose who they would like to come back
to the competition from all the "your out" from past weeks.  They
chose Josh C who was welcomed back by everyone. 

The challenge was to design 3 cohesive looks to go with the sneakers
that Heidi designs for New Balance and sells on Amazon.  One is denim
and one is suede and the looks did not have to be gym wear.  The
winning design would be sold on as part of Heidi's
line.  Heidi has become quite the salesperson!!

Of course, the gang-ups began against Bert and Becky primarily because
they are older and not cool.  No one would listen to their ideas and there
were tears, an apology, and a group hug in a women's bathroom stall -
another Project Runway first.

The looks seemed pretty boring to me.  Lots of black and gray and very
little imagination.  This group seems to be burned out already and the
hard part is still to come.  The very, very dreadful ones couldn't even
be explained by the person who created it, they just would look at it
and shake their head in dismay.  It does make for drama/comedy TV. 

The judges had trouble deciding the best and the worst and had the
same conversation I have heard before about whether they are judging
the designer on their overall ability or does each segment stand alone
for judging where one bad outfit will get you fired.  The overall ability
theory won and Danielle was out.  There were two winners with Viktor
and Joshua who have immunity next week.  Viktor worked hard this
week, from racing fast so he could be a team leader to really listening
to his team, he has become a real contender.

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