Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Another Flipping Out and Jeff is flipping out each week it seems.  This week his
anger was vented towards Randy, his contractor.  I can see Jeff's point, there
is an air of desperation coming from Randy as he drowns in debt and insists
that Jeff give him a check to buy materials that he won't use for two weeks.
They go round a little bit and then Jeff fires him.  Do you notice there is one
casualty per week this season?

The other drama was Jeff's dog Casey.  He had a pet communicator (very
California) come in and listen to the pets.  Casey was in pain so Jeff took
the dog to the vet and he required surgery.  Everyone was concerned and it
was touching how they all went to the animal hospital to visit.

Jeff continues to work on his design business and films a commercial with
a new business partner, Caesarstone, as Gage works hard and worries
about building a solid business for he and Jeff.  He is the grown up in the
family and good for him.

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