Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Protector - Lifetime Channel ~ Monday Night

This episode was a little different.  It usually has Gloria as the lead character
but she is stuck in a room for a couple of days waiting to testify.  She meets
a former friend who is now divorced and goes on a date.  Otherwise, she
isn't involved in the case.  When each episode begins, it usually contrasts
what the victim is doing and what Gloria is doing, getting you interested
in what happens to each one.  This week was a high stakes poker game
with wealthy players and Gloria playing solitaire.  The game is robbed
and a divorce attorney and bodyguard are killed. 

With Gloria gone, Michelle is teamed up with the Captain to investigate.
The mayor's office sent a higher ranking officer to the investigators to
oversee.  Trouble is, it's Ramon's ex-wife played by Vivica Fox.  Woo
Hoo!! the sparks fly, but not good sparks.

The robber is soon shot and we also have a car bomb.  Lots of suspects
who hated the divorce attorney so lots of characters to interact with.  Turns
out it was a former mob boss who hadn't been seen in 15 years.  The
connection was that he lived across the street from the attorney and
hated the noise from his constant construction.  Kind of a different twist
and gave us a lot of insight into several character's personal life.  Ready
for the next episode, please.

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