Thursday, September 15, 2011

UP ALL NIGHT~ NBC ~Wednesday night at 8:00

Terrific show!! Can't say anything less than that.  Great cast, I was kind of ready
to be disappointed.  Christina Applegate is Amy's Mom and Will Arnett is Amy's
Dad.  Mom works on a talk show with Diva AVA, played beautifully by Maya
Rudolph (the bride in Bridesmaids) and Dad is a former hockey player who
left his law firm to stay home with the baby.  Mom and Dad were partiers who
will admit that a little part of them misses the night life, but love, love, love little
Amy.  It's only half a hour and I would have liked more, which is a good sign
for a sitcom.  The acting isn't over the top or stupid, crisp and sharp writing,
funny, authentic and reminds me somewhat of Modern Family (no bigger
compliment).  I set the series on my DVR and you should too..!!!

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