Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RIZZOLI & ISLES ~ TNT ~ Mondays at 10

This was the last episode before the "summer finale" of next week.  A young woman
is murdered on the loading docks in Boston and Rizzoli & Isles work to find her
murderer.  She is stabbed with an ice pick and that is a trademark killing for
Isles' father who is a mob boss.  Her father is shot and shows up at her apartment
for medical treatment.  This has been an ongoing story where Isles was adopted
and found out recently who her father is and still doesn't know who her mother
is.  Another story within the story is Rizzoli's brother Tommy who is staying
with her mother after getting out of prison and there is heavy flirting going
on with he and Isles, as well as a long, involved chess game.

Even with all of this going on, they are still able to solve the case and attend
sensitivity training!!  These are a couple of wonder-women (maybe I need
some sentivity training too).  The young woman who was killed had come
to Boston to find out the truth about an "accident" that her father had six
months before.  She was right that it was a setup by the union rep and
a mob boss owner but died while trying to film the evidence.

I do like this show and will miss it after next week.

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