Friday, September 2, 2011

PROJECT RUNWAY ~ Thursday on Lifetime at 9:00 p.m.

Another week has flown by and another episode of Project Runway has
entertained us for a hour and half.  There were 11 contestants left this
week in this "Back to School" episode.  Everyone went to the Harlem
School of the Arts and were paired with a teenage student that attended
this school.  The challenge was to have a collaborations with the student
and create an avant garde look that is inspired by the work of art created
with the student.  They had two days and $300.00 to complete the
challenge.  The students made a visit to the workroom and observed
how things worked and really seemed to enjoy that, you could see
the youthful enthusiasm in their faces.

Everyone worked hard and it is come to the point in the competition
where you have really good and really bad.  It will only get better
each week from here on out.

Oliver held great promise at the beginning, he was my personal
favorite but the luster has worn off.  He has no time management
skills and tried to glue the top of the dress to the model.  Those
models are troopers as she agreed to whatever it took to complete
the task.  Burt is growing on the others and shared some personal
history with them which seemed to make them appreciate him more.
His look was awful and very, very dated.  I believe he's around to
add some drama but he'll get the heave ho pretty soon.

The guest judge was Kenneth Cole and he had a lot of input into
the decisions that were made and he added a lot to the runway
show.  The students returned for the runway and seemed so
happy with how their designs had inspired others.  They were
proud and should be.

The winner was Anthony Ryan but all three in the top were great.
He had taken fabric and made long strips that resembled brush
strokes down the front and lightened them as they appeared to
drip down the long dress.  Very striking look.  The odd man
out was Josh C. who was very lost in this challenge.  He had
an original idea but changed it when Tim spoke with him and
it all ended up with no direction.  He was just brought back
last week so it was doubly sad for him to lose because he was
so intent on not going home and got sidetracked.

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