Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking Bad

Busy ~ Busy episode..!!!

The tension is building with many storylines going on.  The ongoing theme was
summed up by Walt to Jesse "we're both dead men anyway."  Hank needs a
ride to the warehouse he has discovered belonging to Gus.  Walt buys some
time (again, does Hank know about Walt?) and let's Mike know about Hank.
The lab is being moved when a shot rings out from the hills and a man is killed.
Jesse is so scared he can't move and Mike tackles him so he isn't shot.  Soon,
Gus walks out and every bullet misses him and he puts up his hands to surrender.
He talks to the Mexican cartel and agrees to their terms.  He invites Jesse to
dinner at his home and explains that Jesse is to go to Mexico and teach them
how to cook meth.  Jesse is more scared than ever.  Rightly so.  Walt has
bugged Jesse's car and confronts him about being with Gus.  The plan to
rip their loyalty apart has been successful as they physically fight each
other and Jesse orders Walt out of his house and to never come back.

Skyler White is pretty busy herself with the car wash and shrink wrapping
money for her crawl space.  Her former employer and lover, Ted, shows
up at the car wash to let her know that he is being audited and her name is
 on the financial papers.  It was a classic scene as she shows up at the
IRS, boobs hanging out, and works the ignorance is bliss con on the
auditer.  I think I will watch that part again!!

Will Jesse go to Mexico?  Can he cook Walt's recipe?  Will Skyler keep
Ted and herself out of jail?  Next week we may answer some of these

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