Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is the time slot that "Seinfield" dominated years ago and I
hope this tradition of great comedy continues.  We all know that
Michael Scott has left the building.  Last season ended with
the question of who would replace him.  Andy was chosen
and he is a good fit for the position.  He brags about going
to Cornell but is very unequipped to manage the office.  You
can see him agonize over every little thing (much like Michael
did) and building a whole day around a five minute job.  I
personally know many, many managers like that!!

Dwight is furious and who knows what he will do this season.
He meditates, karates and generally is just plain mad.  Pam
is pregnant again and everyone else is status quo.

Enter James Spader with his serial killer stare and scares
everyone including the audience with what he is thinking.
Great acting (I hope) and adds a new dimension to the
sometimes boring group that sells paper.  He leaves his
planner on the receptionist desk and after awhile the
entire office has seen it, analyzed it, made copies, and
work has ceased as they band together to find out what
the list of names means.  It is a pretty true to life show
and I enjoy it a lot.  It will be fun to watch how the
season developes .......................

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