Friday, September 23, 2011

PROJECT RUNWAY ~ Thursday on Lifetime at 9:00 p.m.

Even with lots of new episodes and new shows debuting this week
some old stand-bys are still the best.  Project Runway is doing lots
of new things this year and this was no exception.  It was called
"Image is Everything."  Once again, there were teams but it made
very little difference as there were no team leaders and each made
an individual look and the looks didn't have to be cohesive - why
the team?  Then one judge mentioned that it didn't seem to be a
team effort!  Anyway, their challenge was to design a look for
rock band "The Sheepdogs".  The winning look would be featured
in a Garnier ad and worn to a Rolling Stone event which gives
the designer tremendous exposure, they could leave next week
and still be on their way to a career.  The group has made it
to the part that is very, very important to their career and
they need to do their best but they are getting tired by the
challenges.  They had to create looks for one band member
so they heard their ideas and off to mood with $300.00 they

Work, work, work, no meltdowns this time but you can see
the strain of trying to come up with fresh ideas.  Instead of a
traditional runway showing on models, the band did a performance
wearing the clothes.  The drummer was shortchanged because
both of his outfits looked similiar and unfortunately looked
similiar to bowling shirts.  The other looks were good and bad
and you can now name who will be going in the coming weeks
because the differences in tailoring and listening to the client
are coming into play.

Viktor won again and I predict he will be in the top three.
Oliver is gone.  Once again, he presented a not completed
outfit and kept complaining about how big his client was
but it was time for him to go.  Oddly enough, he is a menswear
designer, the only one in the group.  I guess just for small
men.  Too bad!!

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