Monday, September 26, 2011


Only two episodes left and this show had gone from very slow to warp speed
in a matter of weeks.  There is so much going on, you have to pause it to catch
your breath.  Hank is hell-bent to find Heisenberg and has detected that there
is a laundry facility owned by Gus in town.  He convinces Walt to drive him
there and Walt drives into a truck to deter him.  Walt is getting as reckless
as Skyler.  Walt goes to Jesse's house, is so happy that he is okay and is
abducted by Gus's thugs.  They take him to the desert and Gus appears
to read his future to him - Walt is fired and he will be killing Hank.  If
Walt tries to interfere then Gus will kill the entire White family.  What
to do Walt - Better Call Saul.  He is given the name of someone who
will help the family vanish for 1/2 million dollars.  Walt is excited and
ready to leave only to discover that Skyler has given Ted the money
to pay the IRS. 

Onto the other storyline - Skyler goes to Ted and tells him to write
a check to the IRS.  He tries to get more money out of her.  What
to do Skyler - Better Call Saul.  Saul arranges for two of his thugs
to visit Ted.  They have him write a check, sign the IRS forms and
as he tries to run away, he slips, falls, and hits his head.  We are
never told that he is dead but you get that impression.

Sidebars:  Mike is left in Mexico.  Gus gives Hector the necklace
that they took from the Cartel.  Someone has been cooking in
Walt's lab.  Whoosh - can't wait until next week.  

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