Monday, September 19, 2011


Only 3 episodes left this season and one more season of the entire series - need to
savor it all.  This week was more about Jesse as this whole season has been.  He
is flying to Mexico with Mike and Gus and is scared to death (rightly so).  He
is to show the Cartel how to cook meth.  He has a showdown with their cook
and gains Gus's respect by getting his way.  The meth is cooked and is 96.2%
pure - way to go Jesse.  He is told that he will have to stay in Mexico now but
Mike assures him that "either we all go home or no one goes home."  Gus
gives a bottle of liquor to the Cartel boss and he shares it with everyone.
They all are poisoned and begin to die during a party.  Mike gets shot,
Gus in slightly poisoned and Jesse is the Superhero getting them into a
car and driving off into the desert.  Again, way to go Jesse.

Walt, meanwhile, is losing ground with everyone.  His son gets him
out of bed where he is recovering from his fight with Jesse (he even
calls his son Jesse) and tends to him, repairing his glasses and sleeping
on the couch.  He rewards his son by crying and lying and telling a
long story about how he remembers so little about his own father
because he was only 6 years old when his father died.  Shameful
behavior by Walt considering he missed his son's 16th birthday
and the lame car that Skyler picked out for him.

Skyler makes lawyer Saul give money to Ted so he can pay his
back taxes and keep them both out of trouble.  Ted rewards
her generousity by leasing a Mercedes and getting his company
up and running again and figuring out how to "get a better deal
from the government."   Saul told her it was a bad idea and so
she decides to tell Ted that she gave him the money.  More and
more recklessness from the White family.

Pretty intense episode.

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