Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We all know that this is the final season for this terrific show.  I know it is
a little soap-operay but when it began it was such a refreshing change
from what was on TV.  So now it is near the end, with the same cast
of characters and oddly enough the same actors playing those crazy

Last season ended with Gabrielle's abusive stepfather tracking her
down.  No 911 call for this family to rid themselves of this creep,
instead Carlos kills him and the girls are ready and willing to help
him get rid of the body.  So begins this season with a voice-over
about good friends who stay after the party to clean up the mess.
They go out in their fine clothes and bury him in the woods and no
one sees or wonders where they all are - hmmmmm.

A new man in the neighborhood and the women are like dogs
in heat, same old, same old.  Lynette is separated and they
finally tell the children the bad news.  This is sad but only
because it happens so often.  Susan wears her long face
and only changes it to cry, I don't think I will miss her.
Bree is finally happy with a police officer boyfriend and
there is a very funny scene where she and Gabrielle
try to ditch the dead guys car.

It did move pretty fast as I'm sure this season will -
see you next Sunday night ladies.

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