Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Bravo, all day every day

Yes, I indulged in this reality (?) show today.  This was last week's
episode of the trip to Camille's home in Beaver Creek.  We get
to see how they live with hot tubs, skiing, lots of wine, chefs and
tears galore.  This week was Lisa's turn to meltdown and I felt
uneasy watching it knowing that her husband committed suicide
before this season aired.  Bravo had said that they would edit
the show but there still seemed to be a lot about Russell that
seemed inappropriate at this time.

Lisa is bone-thin and fragile and everyone has the solution
to her problems.  Other than that, everyone got along pretty
well.  Adrienne's team is leaving Sacramento and she and
Paul are going to the final game and the build-up is that fans
will be mad and bad things may happen.  But they are troopers
and go to the airport to their private plane and wait for Kim
to get it together to go along on this fun, fun trip.

Yes, that was about it for an hour of my time.  But I get
to see beautiful homes, clothes and people and forget
about how dire things are in Michigan and sometimes
you just need to do that.

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