Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaking Bad

Another dark, dark episode.  Gus comes in for questioning and has explanations
for everything.  Hank brings it up that there is no record of him living in Chile
but that is passed off by countries not keeping accurate records.  Gus's story
is okay with the other police but Hank still feels that he is guilty of something.

Hank has Walt drive him to Gus's chicken shack and wants
him to put a GPS devices on Gus's car.  Meanwhile, Mike pulls alongside of them in
the car.  Walt sweats bullets as he tries to keep his spinning world under control.  He
is still in remission from the cancer and tells another patient to always maintain control -
a lot of irony in this show.  Walt begins to pressure Jesse to kill Gus, how much more
can that young man take?  You can see he is just waiting to die.

The ending was a long, sub-titled scene of Gus and the Mexican Cartel from
long ago when Gus wanted to get into the drug business.  One man
is killed and Gus is spared because "I know who you are".  When will we know
who he is??????

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