Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two and A Half Men - CBS ~ Monday at 9:00

The new season of Two and A Half Men began last night.  It
has been highly anticipated by fans of this show, of which I am
one, and it was pretty good.  The writers did kill off Charlie
and did explain what happened - Rose was involved but we
all knew that relationship would end badly.  Lots of pretty
women attended to be sure that Charlie was dead and his
mother pitched the sale of the house to everyone.  It was
an indicator of Charlie's life and I will miss that character
a lot. 

Ashton Kutcher tries to drown himself in the ocean and
ends up on Charlie's deck and into the house.  I was a little
disappointed in some of the writing but maybe I just enjoyed
the Charlie character so much that I never noticed before.
Ashton is heartbroken and Alan takes him to a bar.  Ashton
doesn't drink, which I hope they continue.  He is sad and
two women try to make him feel better.  This is pretty
lame writing, I think I saw it on Zack and Cody last

The characters should mesh in the upcoming weeks and
maybe Ashton (Walden) won't have to keep walking
around naked.

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